To be made perfect by His suffering. The pain of man serves no purpose if it is merely an unfortunate circumstance that befalls the unwary traveler. The senselessness of suffering in a world without God surpasses all imagination. I suffer therefore “I am”. Constant pain tells me I am not a god, nor am I the Captain of my ship. I have no control over an existence that has been created out of sin and death and the handing of this world over to an evil intelligence that seeks only to kill and destroy.

The devil is the epitome of life without God. A Godless existence is a desert of pain set upon sin and death.

The world abhors suffering as much as it abhors God. The church who ever seeks to emulate the world, has taken the purpose of suffering out of their religion. This resulting new religion is made by men for men. It is a libertarian theology that pretends that the people of God can stand in the place of God. This theology pretends to be able to define God, improve on His Word, and conquer the godless through endless prosperity teachings.

If a man shirks from sharing the sufferings of Christ, he risks being alienated from Him in Spirit. The road is narrow and few who find it. Worse, there are few who wish to look for it.

To go toe to toe with the devil is seen as a fearful thing. But the most feared and avoided experience is to confront our own inner demons. A man who knows himself, knows evil. In man dwells no good thing… A man who tries to justify himself erects wall upon wall of separation from God. There is no other way to God but through Jesus and the blood He shed for us.

Those most blessed are those whom He has allowed to lose their lives for the Kingdom of God. Many are those who talk the talk, few there be who walk the walk. May all those who desire, live to the moment when they can say “It is finished, I commend my spirit unto Thee”.