Babylon, oh Babylon, your halls are filled with the blood of Christians. Most of whom have clamored at your door to enter.

We cannot worship both God and mammon, but many try to do just that. Excusing the lust for money as the only way to save the lost. Billions are spent to make the lost even more fit for hell than they were before.

Not by might nor power, says the Lord, but by My Spirit shall all mankind bow.

The rich man lacks but one thing, to sell all he has and follow Jesus. The soldier that would be fit for God's army must not be entangled with the affairs of this world.

To enlist Babylon's aid in the plan of God is utter foolishness. Jump up onto my head, said the fox.

The Kingdom of God is not made up of Doctors and theologians, but of little children who have run out of their ways and entered into the rest of God. Waiting solely on the will of God, devoid of all personal desire. To please Him, who is Father of all.

God's servant will leave all behind; people, places and things will be done away. None but the pure of heart will see God and His revelation of things to come.

Many are called but few are chosen. For few it be that care to escape from Babylon and leave their life, for the Kingdom of God. How awful for a church who believes it can buy and accumulate perfection. The price of perfection is death to everything that the mind, body and emotions hold dear.

Blessed is he who cries out I am losing myself, for he shall see the Kingdom of God.