Negative Words

I once was young and now am old. One thing I have learned much too late to my dismay, is the power of words.

I have walked with God these past twenty five years. I learned early on about the scriptures on blessing and cursing. If there was one thing that I could change, it would be all of the negative words I spoke. I have had many revelations on the power of words, but it has taken all of this time to see by revelation, the damage I have done. Most of the evils in my life have been spoken into being.

Negative words are a major stumbling block that we put in our own way and the way of those we have directed them at. Many times I have heard my children use negative phrases, and I realize where they have come from.

The Lord bestowed a great blessing upon me when my grandchildren began to arrive on the earth. I want never to speak a negative word, never to speak an angry or cross word to them. I wish never to cause them to stumble.

Jesus said in Matthew 18:3-6, Mark 9:42, repeated in Mark 17:2, do not offend the children nor keep them from Him.

I and many people I know spend much of their time fending off the consequences of negative words, both spoken by us and to us.

In the book of James, God says that if we do not bridle our tongues we deceive our own hearts. After reading James 3, may God forgive us, the enormous evil wrought by our tongues.