In Job 41, verse 34, God tells us that Leviathan is the king over all children of pride.

In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us twice that many will arise in His name and claim to be anointed. They will deceive many. They will take the eyes of the unstable off of Jesus Christ, Who is the only truly anointed One. Jesus, the worker of miracles, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

The word 'anointing' is only used in this way in the New Testament: I John 2:20 and 2:27, "You have an anointing by the Holy Spirit and it will teach you the truth of all things.

Those who are claiming a special end time anointing which enable them to act as little gods on earth are not Scriptural. There is no anointing teaching in the New Testament.

Pride is a spiritual cancer that sneaks up on us and causes us to think much more of ourselves than we should. In the name of pride many have justified greed and materialism in their lives. There are many who sell the things of God and trade eternal rewards in Heaven for the quickly vanishing riches on earth.

Before following the big name televangelists, read Matthew 24:24-26, Mark 13:5-6 and Luke 17:20-23. Remember, a fool and his money are soon parted.