Kingdom of Heaven

Much of the teaching that has been heard for the past twenty years has been directed toward power and prosperity. Power and prosperity that is to be bestowed upon us suddenly, at the moment we ask Jesus into our lives.

The theme of the Kingdom of Heaven as given by Jesus in Matthew 13, teaches of a process over the lifetime of the believer. The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a mustard seed, that grows into a great tree. In verse 33, Jesus likens the Kingdom to leaven, which when hid in a peck of meal, leavens the whole loaf. Leaven is an agent that acts in or upon something to produce gradual change, modification, growth.

The Holy Spirit is the leaven given to us, that we might put to death the works of the flesh. We are enabled to renew the mind, by the reading of the Word. To walk in the Spirit is to reject the world, not to be empowered to receive all the things of this world.

Jesus said "It is better to give than to receive.." We are instructed to give freely. To be the servant as Jesus was the Servant is the greatest of all.

In Matthew 13:44, when the man finds the treasure, he sells all that he has to buy it (the field). Again in verse 46, when the man found one pearl of great price, he sold all he had and bought it.

A man who's heart is set on the Kingdom of God is not greedy to lay up treasure on earth, rather he lays up treasure in Heaven where moth and rust cannot corrupt it.

We must be careful not to trade the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ for the false god of mammon.