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Shammah and Benaiah return with the prospective parents. I decided to stay at the listening post of the house that I might know more about these young people. Fortunately, the young mother to be is a housewife. She has no reason to be traveling in the vicinity of Bedlam. This will make our job of avoiding detection much easier. We may get well into this assignment without a great deal of trouble. And so, the time of the watch of the young mother was quiet and uneventful.

On a cold and wintry day, deep in February 1939, Margaret began her labor pains. I sent Shammah ahead to the nearby hospital to secure it. Benaiah took up his station with the doctor who would deliver. I went with the young parents to assure there would be no last minute problems. In the span of four hours, our new charge appeared; a seven pound gift from God to Joseph and Margaret. I took this opportunity to soar high above the hospital to secure the Heavenlies. Then I saw it. The reason we were here. The Holy Sprit witnessed the call of God upon his child, who would one day root out, pull down, and destroy many works of Beelzebub. This was not the first time that I had seen such an occurrence. I knew that his would draw the attention of many enemy’s camp, and they would, in all their power, attempt to destroy the young child called Joseph. There is no longer any reason for us to stay out of site, so we openly declare our position. We stood in all the glory, power and majestic being that the Lord God had created in us. Our great swords glistened like lightning in the eastern sky. Shammah and Benaiah shot straight up into the sky swooping in meticulous circles, creating rings of fire. This clearly signaled to the enemy to keep their distance.

A year later, Joseph and Margaret had a little girl, and were again overjoyed at the Lord’s bounty. The following years were quiet and serene. In their world, the glow of youth and exuberance of faith in the American dream was self-evident.

All was not well with the rest of the world, however. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and America went to war. Joseph, having children, was not drafted. He did, nevertheless, have a patriotic heart and enlisted in the army anyway. He was accepted into aviation training and began the long period of separation from his family.

Being extremely close to her husband, Margaret began to travel to the cities where her husband was stationed. On her first two trips, she took both of the children. We went with them and experienced no real difficulty. Expecting Joseph to go overseas, Margaret decided in the summer of 1944 to relocate. She wished to be close to Joseph’s airbase. It was decided to leave young Joseph home with his grandmother so he could start school early. Unfortunately, this decision made our job much more difficult than I could have imagined. Margaret and her daughter had no sooner left, when our young lad felt an overwhelming rejection.

As he stood on the front porch gazing through tear filled eyes, I could hear him repeat over and over, “Mommy, why did you leave me? What did I do wrong?” In the enemy’s camp, which was set up in Bedlam, they saw their first chance for a frontal assault. Rejection came swooping in along the ground, heading straight for the little boy’s heart. Shammah came in from the other side and deflected the blow, but the little boy was very vulnerable and suffered some damage.

By now the enemy rejoiced and flew ever closer and closer. Insecurity flew around along with Anger, Rebellion and Despair. These are the enemy’s allies in the war to steal men’s souls. Heartless and without remorse, they are the depraved creatures of the underworld who’s appetite for degradation and destruction have no bounds. Hell is never filled up, nor could it ever be.

Benaiah was beside himself, he wanted an all out war. This would be a war we could have easily won, but we were prevented from fighting. The Lord God of Heaven has a plan for this life. The boy was called, but he is not without a free will. A fact that will no doubt cause much grief in his life, as it does in most humans.

The Word of the Lord never returns unto Him void, but accomplishes the purpose for which it was sent. We are only to see that the child remains alive until we receive a word from above. Many humans perish on earth for lack of knowledge. How I wish there were someone around this child who knew The Word of God.

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