My name is Hilkiah, I have undertaken the task of relating this story to you. It is a tale of a single human being who is of no real interest to the earth, but has always been near and dear to the Lord of Heaven. This person has caused quite a commotion in the Heavenlies; but, I am getting ahead of myself.

As I have said, I am Hilkiah, an angel of Heaven. What you on earth might refer to “First Rank”. I stand directly under Michael, the Prince of the Host. I am sure you have heard of Michael, he is rather well known, as he appears in the Book of Our God. Being a captain of the Host, I was most surprised when in the year of the earth, 1939, I was taken from my usual duties and assigned to guard a soon to be conceived child. My orders were to see him through life and prevent any fetal damage from occurring. We of the Angelic Host, never question orders from above; yet, I did wonder what set of circumstances would require such diligence. I set off to skies over earth to set up a vigilant post. I’ve decided it would be wise to bring along two might warriors for sundry tasks and powerful assistance, in case of any demonic interference. I chose Benaiah and Shammah, two of the strongest and fastest swordsmen in my command. Upon arriving at our destination, I surveyed the area and found it would be a long island, not overly populated. It was flat and open and did not provide the kind of cover I would have liked. The last thing I wanted to do was alert the enemy to our presence. I found a deserted farm house that would serve as a cover and meeting place for us. And so began our great adventure.

The following morning, I found the home of the parents to be. They lived on a quiet shaded street in a very small town not very far from our farm house. It was a lazy day in June. The sunshine flooded the streets. Here and there we saw children laughing, cars went by with an occasional dog giving chase. All in all, a very peaceful place. As we watched the house, we saw Joseph and Margaret appear in the front yard. They made a handsome young couple, and they appeared very much in love. They had just been given the good news of their impending blessing. Joseph said to Margaret, “I hope it’s a boy but a girl, if she looks like you, would be great too!” that brought a big smile to Margaret’s face. She was a lovely young lady, radiant of face, and I thought she would be a perfect mother. I called Shammah and Benaiah to escort the young mother to be and see to her safety. I could have nothing happen to her, neither by accident or purpose. I wondered what would be in store for this young couple who were full of bliss and hope for the future. Their existence was almost idyllic. All was well with the world, and their lives, it seemed to them; and I am sure they thought it would never change. But change it would, and soon I expect.

Unlike the idyllic world of Joseph and Margaret, the U.S. was about to be involved with a despot named Hitler. Beelzebub and all the forces of darkness had thrown themselves behind Germany and had total control over their leader, Hitler. There are many strongman of the demonic horde working throughout the world, involving other countries in Hitler’s coming endeavor for world dominion.

Satan has tried from the beginning of this creation to set up his throne on earth, that he might pretend to be God. This effort too shall fail, but without such destruction. Death and destruction are in his wake, but the time decreed for the restitution of all things is very near. When the Lord Jesus Christ returns, Lucifer’s days on earth are over. It is time for a reconnaissance mission. I flew low over the town to avoid any contact with the enemy troops.

Perhaps I should take a moment to familiarize you with the atmosphere. There is a small Main Street through the center of town. There is a pharmacy on each side of the street; two luncheonettes, and on either side of those were delicatessens. On the corner was the only bank in town, and over the bank, the only dentist’s office. Two small clothing stores, a dry cleaners, and the town doctor’s office completed the center of town. Just outside of the town stood a very small post office and the fire department. I made a sweep in an ever widening circle. To my dismay, I counted thirteen saloons and three liquor stores. I didn’t have to wonder what the favorite pastime of the local people was. I saw nothing overhead, so I shot straight up to get a better view of the surrounding area. That’s when I saw a frightful sight. To the north was a gaggle of the enemy’s lowest echelons. How many times before I’ve looked upon this scene; the tormentors screaming and terrorizing their captives. They hover over low what appears to be a sea. It can only be Bedlam, where the enemy imprisons people to a hell on earth. This gives me cause for great concern. With that many of the enemy minions in the area, it will be hard to escape detection. They would immediately report any sightings to their hierarchy. Our presence would invoke great curiosity in the enemy’s camp. At the very least, they would send a scouting party to attempt to find out what our mission is. We will have to be very careful.