Once God has placed us in the womb and we have consciousness, we will always be conscious and alive. We exist.  Some say that when this life is over, there is nothing.  Life has ended.   But, our physical life here ends, not our eternal life.  Our consciousness continues forever. There is one life to be lead on this earth, we die and then meet our Creator.  Life continues beyond.  In this life:  Like the grass, man sprouts up then withers and dies, and then the judgement.  We will all have to stand before God and answer for everything.  

Another person cannot save you from that meeting with the Creator. Your spouse or parent or other cannot be your liaison.  We must each take our stand before God.  To all atheists...because you refuse the knowledge of God does not make Him any less real.  YOU too will have to face Him one day, whether you acknowledge Him now or not.  Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father.  He is our bridge, the One who reconciles us to God. 

There is a choice to be made by each and every person.  The consequences of that choice will decide where you will spend eternity.  God gave us a free will, we must each make our own decision.  What will you do with the freedom you've been given?

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