August 30, 2012

Remember Nuremberg, you of police and military powers.  Do not be partaker of evil deeds.  Following orders will not suffice as an answer.  Follow Jesus, the Word of God, for the Truth shall set you free.

Offer your allegiance to Me saith the Lord.  Do not sell your inheritance for a mess of pottage.  Esau did and he never found a place of repentance.  Glory, glory, Hallelujah, drop the guns and raise not your hand against your brothers.

Follow Me, saith the Lord or reap the whirlwind. 

June 28, 2008

The Supreme Court with the federal appeals courts protect the most heinous of all criminals from the death penalty. This, they argue, would be cruel and unusual punishment.  The same courts say that any woman or doctor can decide that a baby 90% out of the womb can be callously slaughtered by knitting needle and vaccuum cleaner. This, according to our brilliant jurists is not cruel or unusual? It certainly is not uncommon.

Our past president Bill Clinton not only once, but twice vetoed a bill to prevent this horror.

The Supreme Court, the President of the U.S. and the Senate “supposedly” represent the People. Two of these are duly elected and answerable to the People.

When judgement falls, it falls on the just and the unjust. Leviticus chapter 18, verse 25: “The land is defiled, therefore I do visit the iniquity upon it, and the land itself vomited out the people.”

Is it an accident that the weather is haywire and the financial excesses are coming home to roost? John chapter 17 verse 2: “Jesus said It is impossible but that offenses shall come but woe unto him through whom they come.

It would be better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

March 15, 2006

Esau and Edom have taken up residence in the U.S.  The U.S. had been birthed by God.  The Christian religion spawned our country, our government and our laws.  As Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage, we have allowed the courts of the U.S. to force us to throw God out of the equation.

It is now time to pay the bill for the deaths of over 40 million innocent babies.  For allowing the courts, the ACLU and liberal wing of the democratic party to force God out of the public square.  Only a People destitute of all common sense could believe that two men constitute a marriage.  The country is totally divided and cannot stand.  (Mark 3:23-29.)

Wake up (Edom) it is much later than you think.  (Jeremiah 49:14-18.  Obadiah chapter 1.)

March 25, 2001-

For thus the Lord said unto me, ‘Go set a watchman, let him declare what he sees.’

For the Church shall cry out ‘My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me?’  And the Lord shall answer:  I shall bring distress upon all men for they have worshipped the host of heaven upon the rooftops and they worship and swear by the “god of this world”.  The great day of the Lord is near, and the mighty man shall cry bitterly.  For soon comes a day of wrath trouble and distress.

Then said I unto her that was old in adulteries:  Will they now commit whoredom with her and she with them?  The righteous men, they shall judge them after the manner of adulteresses and the manner of women who have shed blood because the blood is on their hands.  

For thus saith the Lord:  I will bring a company upon them, and give them to be removed and spoiled.

July 26, 2000-
Hear O you men of the earth, Hear the Word of the Lord.
Draw near vagabonds, losers and those who cry defeat.  The Lord of Heaven governs by His will, and none shall be able to challenge or resist Him.  The time is near, hear O man- the time is very near.”

April 20, 1999-
There is a time and a season for all things.   There is a time to sow and a time to reap.  If you sow to the mind you will reap the whirlwind.  If you will not weep for your children then you will weep for your children.”

February 17, 1999-
Requiem for a heavyweight-To the stubborn of mind and hard of heart.  I will speak once again, and for all time.  Out of the earth shall come balls of fire and death shall ride on the wind.  Then shall all know that I have spoken. 

Justice shall come to the earth and peace to the Children of God.  In that day, I shall throw down every high thing that exalted itself over the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, the One True God.”

January 1998
There are none as sure as those who think they know.  But knowing is but a verse of intellect.  Those of intellect will be totally confounded by those of Spirit.  For in the coming darkness you must apprehend by the Spirit and by the Spirit alone.  Evil things will be approved by the masses.  Only the Spirit will warn my People of the many deceptions that are coming to the earth.  Those of intellect will be swept away by bold new earthly ideas, that have been founded in the pit.  Be not hasty to be in the mainstream, but come aside to the quiet pools of contemplation in the Holy Spirit of God.  Fear not, for I am with you.

Research the archives, see what you have never seen before.  It will shortly come to pass, that which was not seen, that which has not been heard shall be heard. 

The day will dawn, when you will no more say, ‘Where is the God of Elijah?’ but you will look, act and feel the part.  Now structure the future into your life, leave no stone unturned in preparation for joys of a lifetime.  I would no more see a life of faith and effort go unrewarded, as I would allow a life of sin and faithlessness go unpunished.  It will soon come unto you, prepare ye, prepare ye the way of the Lord, for He soon rides, high and fast and before all things.  Be ready, be ready, for I shall require of all living souls a full accounting.  Now lay down the fears of failure and all that which hinders.   Mount your horse and go forth, conquering and to conquer.  For I give all things into your hands to bring forth obedience and victory.”

May 26, 1997-
“There are not many more days left to those who would do My bidding, to walk out onto the golden playingfields. The playingfields of glory shall hold great promise for My people. The lame shall see, the deaf shall hear, the blind shall see, and all shall see Me.

For I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, I shall have no other gods before Me.

Hurry, hurry the plans have been made-who shall go, whom shall I send?

Will you go for Me? Will you go with Me? Say now, or forever hold your peace.

Gird up your loins the fight has just begun. Take up the full armor of God, go forth, do battle, be victorious in the name of Jesus Christ.

I shall give you a destination before long. See that you do all that I have put in your heart to do.”

June 6, 1997-
“The day for all men to worship the Lord has come. Let all the earth praise the Lord! Praise Him for His mighty works, praise Him for His mighty deeds, praise Him for His everlasting love.

Praise Him in the sanctuary, praise Him in the holy place.

Praise Him for the mighty gifts that He gives to His children.

Praise Him for His mighty judgments that are coming to earth. Praise Him for the salvation of man, whom He will draw to Him. Praise Him for His mighty justice which will separate the sheep from the goats. Praise the Lord for He is King over all.”

Oct. 22, 1996-
“Suddenly there shall come without warning a storm of truths about which the U.S. is guilty. About that time, a madman will begin a war which will be the mother of all battles. Many shall die and many will be saved. Through fear will hearts tremble, and the mighty shall be thrown down.

The survivors of this battle will seek to take over the world, but they will not succeed.

Many shall leave their faith, many shall find their faith. My people will rise as the morning sun and their light shall be a beacon, to all who see.

There shall be a time of great influx to the Kingdom. Then shall the gates shut and Armageddon shall roar.”

Jan 11, 1993-Noon- Given in front of the White House, Washington, D.C.

“Columbia gem of the ocean, you shall sink. The blood of the innocents has cried out for judgment and I will avenge them on you. The Lord God of Heaven Whom you deny, shall remove spiritual authority from this place.

Columbia gem of the ocean, you shall fall in the eyes of the world just as Satan fell like lightning from Heaven. Chaos and confusion shall reign. My judgment shall come as a whirlwind. Disaster shall follow disaster. Your riches shall be taken from you. You have imagined a mischievous device, which you shall not be able to perform.”