Thank you Lord for the perfect destiny You have for me.  Before my life began, You knew me.  Thank you for having a perfect plan for my life.  Help me to walk in that path.  Teach me Your ways, help me to be obedient.  I do not want to miss anything that you have for me.   Call me, Father…if I wander.  Help me to hear Your voice.  I know that all I have to be is what You have made me to be.  You will equip me to fulfill Your plan in my life, for each task.  Light My way, that I may know deep down that I am in Your will.  I want Your will for my life, I want to please you.  I know that I am safe, only when I shelter myself under Your wings, under the shadow of the Most High God!   Tell me when to go in and go out, that I may live righteously before You, for You have said that even my enemies shall be at peace with me. 

Thank you, thank you Lord,

in Jesus’ Name, Amen.