Thank you Lord for the gifts you have given me.  For the children you have entrusted me with.  Please help me to train them up in the way they should go.  Help us to communicate to each other, Lord, be the center of our relationships.  Please let them know Your presence for themselves.  Forgive me Lord for my failures and mistakes I have made in raising them.  Help me to forgive myself, and help the children to forgive me.  Please keep them safe from the enemy, ever pleasing in Your sight.  Please guide me in helping them to grow, with the proper amount of discipline and love.  I do not want to take them for granted, or be too busy for them.  Thank you for the love you have given me for these children.   Raise them up to be mighty women and men of God, so they might walk in the paths You have chosen for them.  Let them be a light to all around.  Put your glory in them, so they might radiate your glory. 

Thank you Father for these children,  thank you that You love me as Your child.

in Jesus’ Name, Amen.