The storm

Sometimes God allows certain situations in our lives to make us grow.  He proves His nearness and love to us in those times.   Like the times when there is absolutely no other person around to talk to about why you're hurt or confused.  No person around who can understand what you want them to.  

Sometimes He calms the storms
with a whispered " still."
He can settle any sea
but it doesn't mean He will.

Sometimes He holds us close
and lets the wind and waves go wild.
Sometimes He calms the storm,

Other times He calms His child.

~Scott Krippayne
(taken from "Sometimes He calms the Storm")

Then there are those times we walk outside of God's shelter through sin and we get into trouble. When we come back to God, we will still have to pay the consequence of some of our actions. If we confess our sin, in repentance,  He will forgive us and get the 'good' out of that situation.  The consequences may be stormy around you, but if you've received can weather it out in God's arms.   Remember!  When Samson disobeyed God, he stepped out of God's care and protection.   His enemies came and put out his eyes.  He turned to the Lord and received forgiveness and the Lord restored his strength, but Samson never did receive His eyesight back.  It is always better to be obedient and stay in God's care.   If that's where you are, then don't worry if there is a storm raging around you...sometimes He calms the storm, other times He calms His child.