The U.S. is rotting from the inside out.  That is the reason so few people have seemed to notice that moral law no longer exists in this country.  The terrible cancer of abortion has spread throughout the system.  It has poisoned the court system, the government, the media, and given filth the total license to fill the TV screens.

The country reels under the sheer weight of sin, and is about to suffer from the reaping of what has been sown.

There is not an intelligent person in this country who does not know that killing the unborn is murder!  They know, including the medical personnel who carry out the fatal judgements.

The stock market soars and the church lulls itself to sleep with visions of prosperity dancing in its head.

The false Prophets of the Church will answer for every wrong and idle word spoken.

We are at the Dawn of the Third Day.   The Lord God of Heaven will lift up His Voice and issue His decision.  None shall nay say or contradict.

The whole earth groans in travail and awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God.