Did you ever wish, especially when you're going through a hard time that you could take someone's finger between your thumb and finger and somehow transfer your feelings?  Just so somebody, anybody could feel what you're feeling?  Your physical pain, to somehow get another person to know what it feels like?  Exactly?   There are no words to express the feelings we have, exactly.  There are no words to describe our pain at times, exactly.  It's especially hard when there's a person in your life who think they know exactly how you are feeling!  They do sympathize, but they can't be in your skin and know what you know,  feel what you feel, see what you see.  There is no one who can share that intimacy with you, or is there?

I think that even if it were possible for someone to experience for a moment exactly what you are experiencing, exactly the feeling you are experiencing, it would be different for them.  There is no one who has the exact same experiences as you, no one has traveled the exact same road that you have.  The Lord does put people in our lives that have similar experiences, or who've been through a similar trial.  But there is no one exactly like you.  The Lord has created us in a miraculous way.  He has given us each an independent spirit man with our own distinct personalities.  There is no one who can see what you see, or is there?

If you have Jesus in your heart, then you do have Someone in your skin!  He does know what you know, He knows what you feel, He sees what you see.  There are many times in our lives when we cannot speak about what's bothering us, be it a physical problem, or an emotional one.  But God already knows what we're feeling.  He does know, we are naked and defenseless to the One with Whom we have to do.  He also knows personally, because He came as a man and was tempted in every way we are, yet without sinning.   He felt cold, He felt loneliness, He felt hungry, He knew betrayal first hand and most certainly He experienced pain!  We are all imperfect people with bruises from life.  These scars keep us from seeing clearly, they bend the truth.  Our hearts are deceitful above all else, and let us not forget the enemy and his wicked ways!  Satan would have you defeated, he would have you live in despair and despondency.  He would have you believe it's hopeless.  God has a better way.  God does deliver, He does heal, and He does love you.  He replaces fear with love.  He replaces despair with hope.  He displaces evil and fills us with joy overflowing, exceeding great joy!  God abounds in loving kindness and He loves us more freely and more unconditionally than we as humans can ever comprehend with our minds.   Through a journey with Him, we can become more increasingly aware of His Presence, His love and His utmost patience with us.  Don't believe the devil's lies, believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved!  One day we shall see Him in reality and face to face!  We will then understand, and He will reveal His full Plan to us.

God has left His Holy Spirit as a down payment for us, so we would have the Comforter with us until He comes again.  He pours out His grace to help in good time for every need.  You're never walking alone if you have Jesus.  Don't try to understand the reality of His Omnipresence, just choose to trust Him and His Word.   How can the Lord know every thought before you think it, every word before they touch your lips, and have every hair on your head counted?  He knows all of that, and is everywhere, yet He lives in you.  Come to know His Presence within you.  Pray that you might know Him better, feel Him more closely, know how real He is.  Know how much He wants to reveal Himself to you. 

There is an intimacy you can have with Father God, with Jesus.

Father, in Jesus' Name we ask for forgiveness for our sins and ask for you to cleanse us once again from all unrighteousness.  We want to know You more, hear You more, love You more and know Your love for us in a real way.  We want to be in Your Presence and rest in Your light.  Teach us how to draw near.  Reveal Yourself more to us, and transform us into Your likeness.  Give us more of an understanding of Who You are.  We want to please You Lord, and we want to fulfill our destiny in You.   We know you have a plan for our lives and we want to walk in Your ways.  Teach us Your statutes, Lord.  Write Your Word upon our hearts, and make us living sacrifices for Your glory.  Thank you Lord, Amen.