The Father's Love

Once upon a worship service I found myself immersed in the Spirit of God. It was a moment in time that felt like a moment in eternity.

The voice of the Lord spoke to me. He said: "Look up here My son." There was a great bright star. He said "Follow the star, My son." I followed the star and it came to rest above a manger. I saw a small infant and the mighty God of Heaven at the same time.

I began to feel the love of the Father for the Son. As I approached the manger, ever closer, closer, the overwhelming love of the Father engulfed me. I could not believe the immensity of what I was feeling.

Then I began to know that this love was of the Father for Jesus. I said to Him "Father, am I right? Is this the way You feel about Jesus?" The Lord God said to me, "Yes My son, and this is the way I feel about you."

The human mind cannot comprehend this overwhelming and unconditional love of God for His children. He is faithful even when we are not. His mercy endures forever.

Whenever the trials of life bring me low, I am reminded of this wonderful fact. Whenever I am tempted to be angry with others, I am gently reminded of how much God loves them. It is a privilege and an honor bestowed by God upon His children. No, we do not deserve it. No, we did not choose Him. He chose us because He is God, because He is loving beyond the ability of this poor sinner to understand.

Just say yes, just say yes. All honor and glory belongs unto God.