“It is no longer I who live, but Christ Who lives in me.”

This is a profound scripture that few people in this generation seem to understand. The “but..but..” generation put enough exceptions into life to make this possibility rare indeed.

A dead man walking is a person so dead to self and selfish motives that he gives no thought for tomorrow or the fulfilling of personal desire and the hope of riches on earth.

To fully understand this scripture, a person would probably need to receive confirmation of a terminal illness. I know of such a man. He suddenly saw the futility of his investments, retirement benefits and personal possessions. When facing a certain short life span, it is easier to see the importance of eternal reward and the pricelessness of salvation. The need to witness God’s great love and mercy to a world starving for meaning becomes much more important.

This person has ceased to be concerned with others’ opinions of him. He sees clearly that God’s opinion is the only one that counts. He understands the commandment to present his body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. He knows this is his reasonable duty. In a moment of time, he saw the truth of his past life. There was so much more he could have done.

The mercy of God endures forever. Are we not blessed beyond measure, dear brothers and sisters in Christ?