REUTERS/Pierre Albouy The U.N. WHO programs to explore choices for prequalifying biosimilar insulin also. The move is a lift for biosimilars which are anticipated to take into account an evergrowing proportion of treatments, for cancer particularly, as patents on the initial branded products expire. The WHO has a critical function in monitoring medication quality in poorer countries through its prequalification system, which means that treatments given by U.N.The analysis results show that participants are bound to a false-consensus bias, i.e. They believe without proof that the behaviour of others resemble their very own. It also implies that people display a public impact bias, i.e. Their attitude will become more much like those of individuals around them. Intriguingly, the social influence bias depends upon the false-consensus bias partially. In short, it first raises with false-consensus , but reduces with false-consensus . Remember that individuals appear to be unacquainted with these biases mostly.